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This gallery features rural photography of abandoned century-old buildings such as farmhouses, barns, grain elevators, churches and schoolhouses found while exploring the Canadian prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Some of these properties have since collapsed or been taken down, making the desire to preserve their history through photographs that much more meaningful and imperative.

I approach abandoned exploration and photography with a guiding set of principles. These include showing respect towards the property owner by asking permission when required, treading lightly and never vandalizing or stealing from the sites. I hope that if you are inspired to follow in my footsteps that you will operate with the same principles in mind.

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1. Farmhouse & Truck near Leader, Saskatchewan2. Farmhouse near Cereal, Alberta3. Farmhouse near Nanton, Alberta4. Sunrise over Farmhouse/Barn near Milk River, Alberta5. Farmhouse near Carbon, Alberta6. Farmhouse near Leader, Saskatchewan7. Northern Lights over Christ Lutheran Church near Francis, Saskatchewan8. Sunset over Farmhouse near Twin Butte, Alberta9. Farmhouse near Cessford, Alberta10. Farmhouse near Hanna, Alberta11. Truck near Monarch, Alberta12. Sunset over Farmhouse near Wolseley, Saskatchewan13. Farmhouse near Enchant, Alberta14. Grain Elevator in Skiff, Alberta15. Farmhouse near Morrin, Alberta16. Barn in Canola Fields near Foremost, Alberta17. Farming Valley School near Oyen, Alberta18. Sunset over Farmhouse near Shaunavon, Saskatchewan19. Grain Elevator in Raley, Alberta20. Sunset over Farmhouse near Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

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